i'm little bit recover from my ill, and do little update in lady witch vs zombie (not published/released yet). maybe tomorrow or more day to release/publish new update.

it need  more test in my workspace. not much. some likes adding a hp potion, etc.  i'm trying to add more new enemy before finish the boss area and magic. and then preparing area2 with new spirit music.  in new area 2, i'll try to add more new weapon and something bla bla bla (upps i cant think it yet).


please cure me :D so i can focus to do more update.  

Can't update for a while

2015-02-15 22:59:11 by surya91

well i cant update lady witch vs zombies for a while because i got an ill.  cold.  :( well. but as long i can sit, i'll finish it. 

Lady Witch Vs Zombies Update 1.1.6 enjoy new weapon

2015-02-12 09:10:05 by surya91

Update 1.1.6:
1. added new medal
2. added an key for unlock the door. (find it dude :D)
3. feel the new weapon killer. (check instruction how to change weapon).
4. the road for area1 has finish. (but i must finish a little material in the area so the boss and area2 must wait. xD)

well. you have a long journey. just be carefull the zombie may jump on you near the home. hahahaha.
after finish the material in area, the last is magic power and other medal, other zombies, etc and also the boss. 
while create this i have feel much exprience when learn the code, create an medal and other things. thanks to you all for play or just try the game. all of your word is important to me to make a complete game. thanks again.

to long or to fast? hehehehe
update 1.1.5:
1.added an item weapon (cant use or take it yet before i finish create the key and area1 ,and then last of area1 will have boss.)
2.added new area. (little bit more the area1 will finished).
3.added an instruction how to changes the weapon.
4.fix zombie's hp. 
5.changes a little dead of zombies

note update in the future:
after i finish the area1. the item medpack, and the key for open the door to get new weapon. and also the boss near last area1 for get the magic power, the music in area2 will changed. i will add a few secret too in area 2 and last area 3. bah sorry for my bad english . :) see u in next update. (i'm still think how to create the story). slow but sure !!! :)

update 1.1.4:
added new area

note Update: still working on weapon and other things. this could be slow to finish. just finish the weapon movement, but i need fix it a bit. 

Update 1.1.3

2015-02-04 15:24:14 by surya91

update 1.1.3:
resize lucy's aura
put equipped weapon image.

Note: next update will be a bit slow, i'm trying to add boss, new area.
if i can, i will add new weapon too, magic and also more medal.
 again wish me luck for finish it fast  :)

Update 1.1.2

2015-02-04 02:45:38 by surya91

added 1 new enemy (worst draw, i have try it so hard)

added new sound dead zombies.

adding score kill.

Lady Witch Vs Zombie Update 1.1.1

2015-02-02 11:36:31 by surya91

little update :

just adding 1 medal for a test. will be more in next time. need finish other things first. 


Update 1.1.1 :
1.fix speed walking.
2.added more background so the city little bit... hurray !!. hahahaa

Note Update : 
this time i'll try to create the system medal. wish me luck.

i added new area, looks like city. explore explore. but it seem not yet. hahahaha

fixed some glitch.

the bullet now can get a little far away . 

some magic shoot. if bullet not hit the zombie, and you press reverse movement. the bullet will back. for example, if you hit in right , press left while the bullet is still fly. :) hard to explain. awch