Update 1.1.5 lady Witch Vs Zombies

2015-02-11 06:52:25 by surya91

to long or to fast? hehehehe
update 1.1.5:
1.added an item weapon (cant use or take it yet before i finish create the key and area1 ,and then last of area1 will have boss.)
2.added new area. (little bit more the area1 will finished).
3.added an instruction how to changes the weapon.
4.fix zombie's hp. 
5.changes a little dead of zombies

note update in the future:
after i finish the area1. the item medpack, and the key for open the door to get new weapon. and also the boss near last area1 for get the magic power, the music in area2 will changed. i will add a few secret too in area 2 and last area 3. bah sorry for my bad english . :) see u in next update. (i'm still think how to create the story). slow but sure !!! :)


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