Lady Witch Vs Zombies Update 1.1.6 enjoy new weapon

2015-02-12 09:10:05 by surya91

Update 1.1.6:
1. added new medal
2. added an key for unlock the door. (find it dude :D)
3. feel the new weapon killer. (check instruction how to change weapon).
4. the road for area1 has finish. (but i must finish a little material in the area so the boss and area2 must wait. xD)

well. you have a long journey. just be carefull the zombie may jump on you near the home. hahahaha.
after finish the material in area, the last is magic power and other medal, other zombies, etc and also the boss. 
while create this i have feel much exprience when learn the code, create an medal and other things. thanks to you all for play or just try the game. all of your word is important to me to make a complete game. thanks again.


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