Entry #9

Update on The Way, ugh i'm like a zombie

2015-02-18 14:13:03 by surya91

i'm little bit recover from my ill, and do little update in lady witch vs zombie (not published/released yet). maybe tomorrow or more day to release/publish new update.

it need  more test in my workspace. not much. some likes adding a hp potion, etc.  i'm trying to add more new enemy before finish the boss area and magic. and then preparing area2 with new spirit music.  in new area 2, i'll try to add more new weapon and something bla bla bla (upps i cant think it yet).


please cure me :D so i can focus to do more update.  


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2015-02-19 23:55:27

Glad to know you are getting better and are able to do what you want to work on. And I hope you continue to get better too.

surya91 responds:

1. thanks
2. i hope not only me to get better, but you must too. i was hear about emotion.

the ill has come from our brain. sad, cry will make us sick.
but can be cured as long we happy


2015-02-20 14:12:22

Awww, thank you for your kind words!! I am doing my best to get well too.